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  • The photo above represents your company and your team. You'll notice that there's an open spot near the bottom of the photo. That's the place you have reserved for trusted advisors. They are the ones who provide you with sage counsel, help solve problems, and get results. That's the seat we've earned with our clients. And it's the seat we want to earn with you. 

  • Royal Security Group earned that place with our current clients because we bring new perspectives, insights, and tools to solve problems that are negatively affecting business performance, profitability, and the security of the enterprise.

  • We are constantly looking for and evaluating ways where better security and better business processes can add value to an enterprise - whether you're a small, medium, or large scale operation.

  • We believe that the best security and business practices can be a competitive asset, not a cost of doing business. The solutions must make sense, be actionable, and get the desired results.

  • The depth and span of our hands-on experience, around the world, in various industries, with small to large enterprises, is what differentiates our expertise from others and affords us the opportunity to deliver Legendary Service to our clients.

Security Consulting

Royal Security Group LLC is a San Diego-based independent security consulting firm, compensated only by its clients. We have no affiliations with any product or service providers and receive no referral fees. Therefore, our recommendations are only based on what's best for our individual clients.

Our primary service area is California, Washington, & Texas, but we serve clients in all parts of the Unites States.

The services we provide are:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Site security surveys and evaluations 
  • Supply chain security audits
  • Travel, Meeting or Event security planning
  • Review or development of crisis management and/or business continuity plans
  • Review or development of emergency plans
  • Delivery of training programs in the areas of workplace violence prevention or response to an active shooter.
  • Review of existing company security operations (personnel, policies, procedures, etc)
  • Review of vendor contracts
  • Independent review of audits, budgets, programs, or previously conducted assessments

Assessments are conducted by an ASIS International Board-Certified Security Consultant using methods recommended by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC). 

Ken Wheatley has been a member of ASIS International for over 25 years and earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation in 1997 and has been recertified every three years.

He has also been a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants for 17 years.

Ken served as president of the International Security Management Association, the global Association of leading Chief Security Officers, and has been a member since 1996.

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Security Consulting Engagements

Ken Wheatley, Security Consultant, Security Consulting, San Diego, California

Sales & Marketing - A President who was reviewing a business unit he had taken over had concerns about a NATO bid project in Europe that had dragged on for 3 years. They had already sent $3 million in product to the "procurement office" for testing. Our work uncovered a $100 million scam that also impacted Mercedes Benz, Apple, IBM and others. Recovered $2 million in product.

M&A Due Diligence - Uncovered two competing companies owned by the principals of the primary company being acquired that wasn't divulged in their disclosure paperwork.

Commercial Real Estate Investment - Investment company purchased portfolio of 15 large, multi-building residential complexes around the U.S.. One location suffered four murders, numerous assaults and car thefts.  Royal Security Group conducted a site risk and threat assessment to determine the cause of the problems and made recommendations for security system and operational improvements. Recommendations were also made on tenant screening and systems improvements to property maintenance. Also uncovered $200k in contract fraud and numerous fire and safety violations.

Witness protection - Multinational law firm engaged RSG to protect key witness in major civil/criminal case.

Law Enforcement - Assisted a police department under federal consent decree.

Workplace Violence - Conducted workplace violence prevention training around the country to 3,000 management level staff - from supervisors to division presidents. Responded to, and defused a number of imminent threat situations.

Travel & Meeting Security - Conducted international travel security & response planning for 6 Olympics and various meetings in the U.S. and overseas, such as sales and marketing conferences (competitive intelligence), Board of Directors, etc.

High-profile security - Oversaw security for 2 World Insights Conferences and have arranged security for Maya Angelou, Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell, Dan Brown, Tom Hanks,, Norm Swartzkoff, & Benazir Bhutto. Conduct briefings to families of senior executives on personal security.

Journalism - Conducted security and threat assessments of the San Diego Union Tribune HQ and various residences of the (now deceased) owner, David Copley. During the assessment discovered that Mr. Copley had been paying thousands of dollars in monitoring and maintenance fees for a non-functioning security system. Also uncovered technical equipment and operational issues with the uniformed security staff that been unaddressed. Oversaw security design, installation and repairs for systems at his residences and the newspaper.

Competitive Intelligence (CI) - Established CI capability within a client's company.

Crisis Management/Business Continuity - Established programs, mass notification system and ran table-top exercises. 

Retailer - Client suffered $500k embezzlement and a separate attempted armed robbery. Assessed all aspects of their operations and made recommendations on cash handling, vendor and employee management/screening, physical and technical security, etc. 

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